Ignorant bride asks for a refund after she saw the photographer’s post in favor of the BLM movement.

Ignorant bride asks for a refund after she saw the photographer’s post in favor of the BLM movement.

After reading a post in support of the black lives matter movement on her wedding photographer’s page, this bride asked for a total refund and termination of the contract.

It’s a shame how some people are still advocating the cruel and unethical foundations built by racism. A photographer Shakira Rochelle recently went viral for shutting down a client who demanded a full refund after the photographer posted something in support of the black lives matter movement.
Rochelle later shared the screenshots of her conversation with the unnamed wife-to-be. This post has blown up Twitter and has inspired many users to praise Rochelle for expertly handling the situation publicly.
The exchange began after this post was posted on the photographer’s official page.




The caption reads, 

“Shakira Rochelle Photography stands in solidarity with the black community," the caption reads. "The black lives matter movement has my endless support.”

Where the post garnered over 5,600 likes from her followers, the bride in question clearly did not appreciate Rochelle's declaration of support.
As a result, she sent Rochelle a long text explaining why she and her fiancé will like to terminate the contract. It's absurd. Literally.



In the message, she had the audacity to call Rochelle out for supporting “outspoken” matter “that does not concern them as well as someone that does not believe that ALL lives matter.”




This is not it. She even called the photographer mentally unstable and went as far as saying, “that they would be “truly embarrassed to have [Rochelle] and [their] event and feel that [she isn't] stable enough to complete the job.”


I didn’t know people like her still existed.
As a reply Rochelle told her that the deposit was "non-refundable," she wishes her "a lifetime of growth" before finishing off with the real mic-dropper:
“I would like to thank you for your donation to Black Lives Matter.”



Rochelle decided to donate the bride's non-refundable deposit to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Serves her right.




In reply to this, as any ignorant person would do, she said, “You will be hearing from our attorney.”
This gave me a good laugh.




People of Twitter are loving how the situation was handled. The post positively exploded online and has since been shared more than 174,000 times, as well as receiving nearly 1 million likes.




Here are some of my favorite comments

"My favorite flavor of shade," this user commented. "Poised & witty with a lil white tears for a lil razzle-dazzle."
"I’m sure this makes it easier to weed out possible racist clients that she wouldn’t want to work for anyway. Win/win."
"White people love to say 'you'll be hearing from my attorney' especially when they don't actually have an attorney,"
"Literally what deposit is usually refundable anyways? Like 'bride' sounding real ignorant, the groom might wanna rethink her."

One person perhaps best summed up the entire situation by writing, 

"This breed of white women thinks contracts don't apply to them if they make enough of a fuss."

Its good to see people are standing up against issues like racism. This University Employee Was Dismissed For Using Racial Language 'Hash Brown' To Refer To A Colleague. Similarly, Prospective college students were rejected due to their racist behavior.

Article Source: Diply

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