If you bring your grandmother, Nando's will give you a 50% discount.

If you bring your grandmother, Nando's will give you a 50% discount.

The Portuguese-inspired diner has published everything on its website, including its chicken wraps, pitas, and burgers, as well as its fries, Peri Peri salt, macho peas, corn on the cob, and mash potato.


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If you go for lunch with your nan - or granddad, or anyone aged 65 or over - Nando's will give you a 50% discount on your bill.

The NanGo's Free campaign, which will run from Monday, June 7 to Wednesday, June 9, aims to let younger generations reunite with their older relatives or acquaintances once lockdown limitations are lifted.

Nando's said: "After a year of being apart, it's finally time to be reunited with your favorite people again.

"We know your Nan's probably top of the list, which is why we're here to help.



"From the 7th-9th June, when you bring along your special person over the age of 65, we'll give you 50 percent off your total bill. There's no better time to take the OAP (Official Appreciator of PERi-PERi) in your life for their first ever Nando's!"

You'll need to sign up - which you can do here - and your nan - or other OAP - will need to have proper ID ready to present employees at the restaurant to acquire your unique code to get the bargain.


Even if you or your grandmother is a vegetarian, the offer is worth considering, given Nando's released its first plant-based burger last year.

The product, dubbed 'The Great Imitator,' is manufactured from pea protein and is offered as a burger or pita.

It comes in four strips, each grilled to order. Fans of Nando's can still dial up the heat by selecting their preferred amount of spice on the PERi-ometer, just like they do with the meat alternatives.

While the burger is vegan, Nando's does not mark it as such because it is cooked on the same grills as the chicken, making cross-contamination impossible to avoid.

The website does however state:

"We do take rigorous steps to segregate our non-meat products from our meat products.
"We choose a specific part of the grill for our non-meat products and we use separate utensils for them too."


The Great Imitator is a viable alternative for vegans and vegetarians (if you're okay with the cooking procedure), flexitarians, and meat-reducers because all of the components are fully animal-free, right down to the mayo.

After announcing the news on social media, the brand was flooded with comments from people saying they had someone in mind to bring along.
One said: ‘IMAGINE Grandma Carol at Nando’s!’
‘Look at that bargain,’ another said.

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