Iceland’s Magical See-Through Bubble Lets You Sleep Under The Northern Lights.

Iceland’s Magical See-Through Bubble Lets You Sleep Under The Northern Lights.

The 5 Million Star Hotel is about 1.5 to 2 hours east of Reykjavik by car and offers five separate bubble rooms you can book to watch the Northern Lights splash over the night sky.

Seeing the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis is for many a lifetime fantasy-wish list material.

Yes, there is an element of chance involved in seeing the stunning sight, but if circumstances are correct then the Northern Lights are an incredible, never to be missed, other-worldly encounter.








And one Iceland hotel makes the entire thing much more special. They give stays in a see-through bubble that offers clear night sky views-a great opportunity to see the Northern Lights.

A description of the experience on the hotel's website reads;
"As close to nature as you can possibly get the bubble concept combines innovation, luxury and the magnificence of the iconic Icelandic landscape.




"The perfect antidote to the everyday chaos of work and city life, our unique accommodation creates a space to unwind and recharge under the night sky. Unlike any other hotel in Iceland, our transparent bubble stays offer you the experience of a lifetime as we situate you within the nature of the land of fire and ice.  Whilst, of course, we cannot guarantee you will see the northern lights, if the conditions are right you will experience the most magical of nights under the breath-taking aurora borealis and a sky full of stars."

The appropriately called 5 Million Star Hotel is the ideal excuse to get out and reconnect with nature in the summer visitors can prepare to experience a paradise of birdlife, butterflies and the breathtaking scenery alongside the ever-present midnight sun notes the website.




It is during the winter months when visitors will be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, states a description:

"Like Iceland itself, our stays are wild, extraordinary and truly out of this world."

If you want to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime hotel trip, check the hotel's website to do so.


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