Husband surprises wife with wild west inspired chicken coop for her pet chickens.

Husband surprises wife with wild west inspired chicken coop for her pet chickens.

This man built his wife’s chickens a wild west inspired coop where they can go to the ridge for a drink and salon to get their hair permed.

As pet lovers, we all dream of giving our pets the best life possible. Whether it is the food or the place they live in.
Mitzi Ballard, from Belle, Missouri, had a similar wish for her beloved chickens, and to her surprise, her husband built the best chicken coop ever. Isn’t he the sweetest?



He built this whole town for his wife’s chickens, and we can’t get over how cute and detailed every one of these structures is.



The chicken coop looks like an old town square and has all the cool places, including a hotel, a cafe, a mercantile, a salon, a ridge, and lots more. Each one is painted in a different color and decorated accordingly.

The salon looks so chic. Maybe that’s where hens can go to get their feathers blow-dried after a long day of laying eggs.



This blacksmith workshop is actually their feeding area. It comes with built-in feeders. Mitzi can just drop the feed from the top, and it comes out of the bottom. How convenient is that?



My favorite part is this red barn.



He even took care of where naughty chickens will go. Here’s the coop jail.



This ridge is actually a water barrel that can hold 15 gallons of water. It also catches rainwater. This is indeed commendable.



I am blown away by the details that were added. Look at the window of this mercantile. Super creative.



Then there’s this amazing little cafe that looks just like the real deal.



The funniest thing is, the chickens even have wild west inspired names. How cool.




Article Source: Diply

Image Source: Facebook

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