Husband proposes to wife all over again after forgetting their marriage due to Dementia.

Husband proposes to wife all over again after forgetting their marriage due to Dementia.

This couple got married in their backyard all over again after the husband forgot he was married and proposed to his wife again.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are cruel conditions that make you forget the most important events of your life. The 71-year-old bill went through something similar.
Due to his condition, he forgot being married to his wife of 12 years. The Scottish couple remarried in their backyard after the husband proposed to his 69-year-old wife all over again.

Anne and Bill have been a couple for 18 years and married for 12 years.



The pair met in 2001 while Bill was performing as a magician in Aberdeen, Scotland. After falling madly in love with each other, they tied the knot back in 2007 and share a daughter, Andrea, together.



Three years after they got married, Anne noticed that Bill had started acting slightly out of character. That is when he got diagnosed with Dementia. The condition is known for its devastating affects on one’s memory.
Anne remained by his side and became his care taker as his disease gradually progressed and worsened. Unfortunately, since early 2019, Bill started forgetting some of his most precious memories and has struggled to recognize his wife or even remember that they’re married.

Last week, the pair attended the wedding of Bill’s nephew, after which Anne was surprised to discover her husband overcome with emotion.
He started hugging and kissing her in the car, which she admitted was nice, though unexpected.
Anne said, “He kept telling me he wanted me — what he meant when he finally got it out was that he wanted to marry me. He was very sincere and kept it up until we got home.”
Much like other moments in his life, Anne believed Bill would soon forget his proposal but for days after he continued asking when they were getting married.
Stunned, Anne decided to purchase a wedding dress, though she was certain she would have to return it to the shop unworn. However, on their big day, Bill was still happily preparing for their second wedding.



Hence, in front of their closest friends and family, the couple remarried in their backyard.



Anne detailed, “We were so blessed to be supported by family and close friends who love us both and do everything they can to help Bill and I enjoy our lives together.”
Anne explained that while it was technically a vow renewal, they added some bits in for Bill so it felt like he was really getting married.
It was a magical day for Anne that made her fall in love with Bill all over again.



Love always overcomes barriers that many belive are impossible. This couple with down syndrome is another example. Patients suffering from Dementia-like conditions always need their loved ones besides them to give them the life they deserve. 

Article Source: Diply

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