Husband Gives Online-Shopping Obsessed Wife A Delivery Package Shaped Cake On Her Birthday.

Husband Gives Online-Shopping Obsessed Wife A Delivery Package Shaped Cake On Her Birthday.

A great partner knows what you love and goes out of his way to make you happy. Such a great couple was gone viral for the amazing amazon shaped cake.

Strong relationships require deeper understanding of each other with excellent bonding. That is the only way healthy relationships can survive and flourish. Likes and dislikes need to be given greater importance and should be taken care of. 

The example of such relationships was Emily and Waylon. The couple proved this when it was Emily McGuire's birthday on July 19 and her husband arranged a cake for her which was exactly defining her addiction. 


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Emily has something of an Amazon addiction. She is a mother of three children but has quite an addiction for Amazon shopping. This leads to frequently ordering items from the online retailer. And therefore she receives multiple Amazon boxes arriving for her each week. And she goes giddy when she sees it. 


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So Emily's husband decided to give her Amazon package designed cake. He explained his idea to the chefs of the Sweet Dream Bakers and they completely understood and agreed to do it for his wife for $50 only.


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The cake took 8 hours to get ready and all the details were edible in the cake. Anyone who will look at it from a distance wouldn't know whether it is a cake or some delivery package. To make it look even more authentic, it had Amazon Prime packaging "tape" on it along with an Amazon logo.


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When Emily saw the cake she couldn't believe for a few minutes what's going on until she took a closer look at it. Even better, she said it tasted delicious. She said that when she first saw the cake, she could only laugh. Moreover, It made her extra happy because it was proof that her husband truly understands and "gets" her. 


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Emily then shared pictures of her amazon box cake and it has taken the internet by storm and people were reacting surprisingly . People on social media have expressed their love for the Amazon box cake and admitted openly to their own Amazon addictions.


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