Hundreds Of Drinkers Gathered On Streets To Play Cricket After Pubs Close At 10 PM.

Hundreds Of Drinkers Gathered On Streets To Play Cricket After Pubs Close At 10 PM.

London streets were seen packed with people who were kicked out of pubs at 10 pm. Some of the drinkers even started playing cricket on the streets while listening to music and dancing.

People started gathering on the streets playing cricket in central London after pubs decided to close at 10. 

Huge crowds were seen on the streets having the time of their lives after they were kicked out of the pubs and clubs. Some drinkers even took part in a game of cricket while listening to music near Piccadilly Circus. The streets across the capital were seen packed with people dancing and laughing and totally ignoring current government guidance on social distancing and use of face masks.

In Peckham, the drinkers didn't like the idea of pubs closing at 10 pm so they started to continue the fun for the rest of the night in their own way as seen in the pictures.

The video of the game, that has gone viral on social media, was recorded by James Jones.

He told PA: "My guess was that it had recently started as everyone was kicked out of the local pubs and bars.
"I was there for about 10 minutes and it was still going strong."


Image Credit: Ravi Karia/@Fussyp96


 Many people online have criticized people and called them irresponsible.

Jones said it felt like a 'moment of joy', adding: "Obviously on social media people are projecting all sorts of views onto it.





"Being there, it felt like a very sweet and exuberant moment of joy. And we could all do with some more joy at the moment."

It was not like only London saw streets packed with people, pictures posted on social media show other cities' public transport and off-licenses jam-packed with people as they're turfed out in keeping with the 10 pm curfew.

Recently,  Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson criticized the curfew as he thinks the curfew was 'making things worse, not better'.




A spokesperson from Merseyside Police replied to the Mayor's tweet and said the footage 'did not reflect the overall behavior of people in Liverpool'.


Image Credit: Ravi Karia/@Fussyp96


He further added; "The city center was virtually empty at around 10.30 pm and no serious incidents were reported. Although naturally there will be a surge of people leaving premises at 10 pm, everyone we spoke to was good-natured and we'd like to thank those people for moving on swiftly."

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