Horse Named Jingang Plays Dead Whenever Someone Tries To Ride On Him

Horse Named Jingang Plays Dead Whenever Someone Tries To Ride On Him

Horses can be pretty dramatic just like this horse named Jingang who plays dead whenever someone tries to ride on him. Looks like he also loves napping around and is in no mood to work.

We never actually had any idea that horses can be this smart and dramatic. Jingang, an incredible horse, is not at all someone you can ride on easily. It's just that he doesn't like to be ridden that is why whenever someone tries to ride on him, he dramatically fells on the ground and acts as if he is dead. This is cute and naughty, the video of him playing dead has been liked over 82,000 times and shared by around 630,000 times. It looks like people can actually relate to Jingang and are in a mood to have a good nap on a busy week.

1. This Is Jingang, Our Favorite Horse



2. He Is So Good At Acting He Might Give Classes



3. He Is Just Playing Dead



4. Caught On Camera His Naughty Act



5. And Here He Goes



6. Dead For The Day, So No Rides Today



7. Why These Humans Get On Me



8. He Is The Naughtiest Horse And Is A Natural Actor



9. Teach Me The Skills



10. We Can Relate With Jingang On Another Level



11. Who Won't Believe Him?



12. Dramatically Dying



13. He Is The Cutest 



14. And The Laziest



15. Dreaming About Getting Carrots Without Working



16. ..And Smart



17. Here We Go Again



18. Time To Die



19. See The Video Yourself




20. People Are Amazed By Jingang's Cleverness

















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