'Hoppy Easter': You Can Now Buy Bunny-Shaped Chicken Nuggets For Easter!

'Hoppy Easter': You Can Now Buy Bunny-Shaped Chicken Nuggets For Easter!

Lidl delighted customers by unveiling the brand-new bunny-shaped chicken nuggets. The Easter product is quite similar to the supermarket's 'McDonald's style nuggets'.

Fortunately, there are a lot of creative and off-the-wall Easter items available in the market this year. Game of Thrones themed eggs, rhubarb and custard hot cross buns are among a few who have taken the entire market by storm.

What's more, presently, Lidl has pleased clients immensely with another unorthodox Easter offering.

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So overlook all the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns as Lidl is now selling bunny-shaped chicken nuggets for Easter. Been on sale for over a month now, the limited-edition Easter nuggets come in boxes of 20 and can be easily found in the frozen foods aisle of the supermarket. 

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Every nugget is formed like a miniature rabbit in spite of the fact that it is exclusively produced using seasoned chicken with a firm, battered covering.

Furthermore, the exquisite tidbit takes just 17 to 19 minutes in the stove to cook properly and tastes exactly like the traditional chicken nugget. 

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Also, in light of the fact that no chicken nugget is complete without a tangy sauce to dunk it into, therefore, Lidl has combined these up with a choice of sauces. The takeaway-style boxes are paired with the option of curry or sweet and sour dip to go with the golden nuggets.  

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Moreover, Lidl's Easter nuggets are reasonably priced at just $2.70 per 475g box and have been on sale since February 4. Lidl says the tasty treats will be in stores while stock lasts but given Easter is on April 21 you're unlikely to see them after that.

Also, the post that introduced the offbeat product has since gone viral garnering over 5k likes and shares. 

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One user wrote: "I need these in my life!" while another said: "Is it wrong I'm really drawn to these?! Don't know if it's because they look like McDonald's or the fact it's bunny rabbits!"

So what will you be buying during the festive season with all these out-of-the-box alternative available in the market? For us, it would have to be Easter hunt with chicken nuggets this year! 

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Previously, the supermarket likewise launched boxes of McDonald's-style, regular-shaped chicken nuggets which, naturally, went down with a storm with customers. The boxes accompanied 10 deep-fried, fresh pieces in each container as well as curry and sweet and sour dips, yet had a less expensive $1.70 sticker price. 

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And in case you're searching for an accompaniment for the Easter bunny-shaped nuggets from Lidl, then ASDA is selling bacon-flavored fries that could be the ideal accomplice.

Packs of the finger-licking snack are available in the frozen foods' aisles of the supermarket mogul, and they cost you just $1.70 for 500g, which works out at four portions.

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