Homeless Man Gets An Amazing Makeover By A Kindhearted Man Driving Lamborghini

Homeless Man Gets An Amazing Makeover By A Kindhearted Man Driving Lamborghini

Meet Chris, a kindhearted man who gave a homeless man a chance to turn his life around for all the right reasons.

1. Your random act of kindness may restore faith in humanity in someone's life


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It takes a few minutes of our life to show kindness to someone, but the impact of these random acts of kindness may actually last a lifetime for some people. Meet a kindhearted Lamborghini owner who gave Alex a chance to experience happiness by giving him an amazing makeover. Alex is another one of millions of homeless person who according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development sleeps on the streets every night.
The sad part is, each and every homeless person has a story behind their current circumstances and all they wait for is the chance at life again.

2. Applauded by some, criticized by others


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Recently a video on YouTube became viral and had been viewed by millions of viewers. In the video, Alex was offered a lift by a Lamborghini owner. The car owner was filming the whole scenario and shared on his YouTube page where it instantly got millions of views.

While the video got applauded by many, it also got hate comments by others. The public criticized Chris, the video maker for being able to afford such a high-end sports car but helping the homeless with only a makeover. 

3. An amazing $10,000 plan to give Alex a chance at life again


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Little did they know that Chris actually helped Alex with a makeover worth thousands of dollars to help him prepare for an interview for a job and hopefully turn his life around. In his video, Chris shared a plan worth $10,000 dollars that included taking Alex for shower and lunch and then to the Barber's shop for a clean look. The next stop would be a shop to buy a nice suit and some fresh clean clothes for Alex.

Assuming that Alex was able to land a job, Chris even planned to use the leftover cash to buy a decent car for Alex.

4. Happy with his new look


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The before and after pictures of Alex's makeover are enough to make a person teary. The man looks completely changed and happy with his new look. In his new suit, Alex looks happily ready for his big interview ahead. Alex could be seen looking nervous for his interview. The man even kept a lock of his hair in his pocket as his good luck charm.

Watch the video and see the dramatic change in Alex's appearance and his expressions of gratitude and happiness might as well motivate you to do a good deed today!

5. Watch the video here





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