Holographic rainbow hair is taking over the funky fashion world.

Holographic rainbow hair is taking over the funky fashion world.

After mermaid and unicorn hair, the funky fashion world is moving to holographic hair that mimics the shaft of light in the hair.

Did you think hairstylists were done coming up with stuff after mermaid hair, unicorn hair, unicorn beards, and what not? Well! If you did, you were totally wrong.
Stylists and hair enthusiasts all around the world are going crazy over this holographic rainbow hair that mimics the shaft of light.



To be honest! This is by far the best thing hairstylists have come up with, although the process is quite extensive and requires a lot of hand painting by the stylist.
This is what holographic hair looks like. Pretty chic, no?



The key to this holo effect in the hair is in controlling the way the human eye takes in color. The dye cannot be all over the hair or in a straight line. It has to be in a slope and should fade away to give the proper effect.




This video gives a glimpse of the dyeing process.




The holo hair consists of a minimum of 5 colors or shades, and each color or shade is supposed to be mixed and applied individually to sections of hair. Hence, the process takes a considerable amount of time.

The best part is, holo hair does not have to be on silver or blonde hair. It rocks every background, and you can choose any set of colors you like. However, people prefer rainbow holo hair more.




Pastels are super popular in the holo hair world as well.




Stylists have also experimented with holo roots, and they look super cool.



Article source: Diply

Images source: Instagram

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