Historical launch of two astronauts by SpaceX was accompanied by a sparkly dino named “Tremor.”

Historical launch of two astronauts by SpaceX was accompanied by a sparkly dino named “Tremor.”

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft launched in May took a sparkly stuffed dinosaur with them to space.

The launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft was a historic event. As Business Insider reported, this was also the first time astronauts have launched from the U.S. since the Space Shuttle Program officially ended nine years ago.




If you watched the launch event, you might have noticed something sparkly floating around inside the cabin with the astronauts. It was not your eyes playing games on you; rather, there was a third passenger aboard – Tremor, the sparkly stuffed dino.




Viewers first spotted the sequined plushy during live footage of the launch from inside the cabin when it floated in front of the camera. Some even saw Tremor was there on May 27, long before it was actually launched into space.




Later, in a video tour of the space ship, the elephant, or shall I say the dinosaur in the room was addressed.
After showing viewers around the controls and demonstrating the effects of zero-gravity, the crew finally told us what the plushy toy was doing in space.
As it turns out, there’s a very sweet reason for this plushy’s appearance in space.



The crew told us, 

“We did end up with one stowaway onboard our vehicle when we launched today. It was not just Doug and I who accomplished the launch here. We do have an Apatosaurus aboard. We both have two boys who are super interested in dinosaurs,” he explained. “We collected up all the dinosaurs between our two houses, and “Tremor,” the Apatosaurus, got the vote from the boys to make the trip into space today with us.”

Tremor is not the first stuffed toy to make it to space. Last year, Elon Musk shared that a stuffed earth toy flew into space aboard an uncrewed test of the Crew Dragon to be used as a “super high tech zero-g indicator.”




As expected, people on Earth fell in love with the sparkly toy and want one for themselves to commemorate the historic launch.
Shortly after Saturday’s launch, the company began offering the dinosaur through its official SpaceX store for $25. Since then, the page has crashed due to high demand.

Article Source: Diply

Media Source: Twitter

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