Hilariously Frustrating Struggles Of Being In Your 30s No One Warns You About!

Hilariously Frustrating Struggles Of Being In Your 30s No One Warns You About!

A majority of the people around their 30s don't seem to be ready to be the adults that society expects them to be. But to be honest, can you really blame them?

Every phase of your life is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in its own way. Case in point- adolescence is brimming with the never-ending marvel and curiosity, the teenage years, on the other hand, is all about rebelling and individuality. The twenties are the prologue to adulthood. However, the thirties - the thirties is when all the smoke settles, and you have the confidence to be yourself, or at least that's how it's supposed to be in a perfect world! 

Along similar lines, Twitter users are tapping on the real issues that generally accompany the 30s and, tragically, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. It's more along the lines of uneventful weekends, procrastinating vacations, mundane regular issues and other comparable Catch 22s that are agonizingly accurate. And we've gathered a rundown of the most hilariously painful ones, see for yourself: 

1. Apply ice on the burned area! 


2. Makes perfect sense 


3. *Sheds single tear 


4. The struggle is real 


5. Funny guy! 


6. Seems only fair 


7. When life gets in the way 


8. #Adultlife 


9. Too real? 


10. *Pokerface 


11. Well, that escalated quickly! 


12. If you laughed, you're officially an adult! 


13. Priorities set straight 


14. Bang on! 


15. Sorry, not sorry! 


16. Too soon? 


17. Nostalgia's a b**ch! 


18. Mysteries of the universe 


19. ROFL 


20. Sums it up perfectly! 


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