This Hilarious Woman Pretends To Be A Reporter, Actually Solves Arson Case Live On Facebook

This Hilarious Woman Pretends To Be A Reporter, Actually Solves Arson Case Live On Facebook

A woman came to Facebook to live report an arson case in Virginia. Not only did the hilarious "reporter" manage to give us some genuine laughs but she also solved the case within hours.

Rhoda Pretended To Be A Live Reporter On Facebook And Solved The Case On Her Own

We have finally found a true Nancy Drew fan. A woman solved an arson case on her own and that too before the police could figure it out!

Rhoda pretended to be a live reporter on Facebook and soon attracted the attention of many with her intelligent case solving skills.




Volunteer Reporter Live-Streamed A House Fire In Norfolk, Virginia

Rhoda Young, with her motivation, went to the live crime scene and reported it with remarkable energy. 



Rhoda Did Hilarious Imitation Of News Reporters But The Woman Also Proved Her Skills

 The woman went to the house owner to inquire about the fire and how it started. Soon, she was able to fit the pieces of the puzzle.



Throughout The 54 Minutes Long Video, Rhoda Was Heard Speaking In Phrases That Cracked Us Up

“This house fire is in full active duty right now”, refers to herself as a “volunteer” reporter and calls the flaming house a “bi***.”

 "We on the scene of this b***h. This is Rhoda Young reporting live. I’m a volunteer," she said at one point in the video.





The Best Part Is When Rhoda Actually Solved The Mystery

While talking to the house owner, the woman noticed his hair and pants that were slightly burnt. This caused her to suspect Donald who was clearly annoyed by Rhoda. At one point, the man pushed her smartphone away. To this, Rhoda said, "Don't hit me, baby, cos I'll fight back."




The "Volunteer" Reporter Then Explained Her Theory







Rhoda's Theory Was Proved True When The Police Came To Arrest Donald

According to Rhoda, the house owner confessed to one of the neighbors that he had started the fire. Donald later confessed in court that he did indeed start the fire. He lived in the house with his wife and three kids.



Here Is The Hysterically Funny Video 




Image credits: STATter911


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