10+ times witty women took to twitter to get rid of their quarantine induced boredom

10+ times witty women took to twitter to get rid of their quarantine induced boredom

If you are having a bad day, here is a set of hilarious tweets from women around the world to give you a good laugh.

With the global pandemic progressing and 2020 turning out to be the worst year of most of our lives, things are not looking very good. The world is basically in a rift right now and none of us know how things will end. 

No matter how hard we all try, none of us are able to sit back and relax completely. There is a feeling on uneasiness that none of us can shake off. The only way to go through this is by sticking together and lifting up the ones that have fallen. 

Just to give you a good laugh and make 5 minutes of your day worth it, we have combined a list of funny tweets by women around the world. 

1. Here's a list of things we all are guilty of doing. It should be noted this is exactly how you should make friends during the quarantine. 




By the way, didn't we all think making friends as an adult would be easier. Adulting truly is a trap everyone falls into. 

2. Oh! I cannot even tell you how guilty i feel. Not to mention how my stomach, for no reason at all, becomes all rambly. 




This one gave me a good laugh. It is so relatable. 

3. I'll call my science teacher Mrs. Gray even when i am 85 years old. 




4. Like Father Like Son. How adorable do the duo look together? He does look ready to beat the crap out (with words, of course) of chefs in the future. 




5. Aren't we all guilty of this? 

Dont tell me you are not. 




6. Come on! Do we even have other buttons? I will have to check. 




7. How dare you have food without me? I will do the same. This dog is me. 




8. When you admire a new tea bag in the tea secction of your grocery store. You know there is no turning back. 




9. The awkward pauses, the struggle with microphones, the having to actually get dressed and put on a bit of mascara so my co-workers don't think I have coronavirus.




10. I will NOT admit this. No. My best friend exempts all 'Dont tell anyone"s




11.  "Misshapen" hit extra hard.




12. Somebody needs to do this. Maybe just unplug it forever. 





I hope these tweets gave you a good time. Enjoy your day and stay safe. Happy Quarantine. 

Article Source: Diply

Media Source: Twitter

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