Hilarious Photos That Prove Dogs Can Be Pretty Weird At Times

Hilarious Photos That Prove Dogs Can Be Pretty Weird At Times

We all agree on the fact that dogs are the most loyal creatures but are they the weirdest of all too? Look at these hilarious pictures posted by some Instagram people and I bet, you will say yes!

I think our pets are really the best at giving us the genuine laughs that keep us going. Especially, dogs are so adorable and funny that it makes me surprised the sweet creatures share ancestors with the wild wolves! Here are some of the pictures dog owners posted on their Instagram that will make you roll in laughter for the weird yet cute acts that these lovely pets exhibit all the time.

1. My Doggo Decided To Join Me In For A Nice Bath




2. She Loves Watching Puppies On TV. She Even Wanted To Show The Other Puppies Her Stuffed Pup




3. Hey, Can You Give My Ball Back?




4. This Dog Got Some Real Talent




5. My New Neighbour Popped His Head Through To Say Hi!




6. Can You Spot The Dog?




7. She Likes To Take Naps With Sausages




8. If She Goes Outside We Shut The Door And She Hates It. So She Keeps Her Butt Inside To Prevent This While She Birdwatches. Meet Sofie




9. Let's Just Get The Heat Anyhow




10. While I Was Out Of Town, My Sister Sent Me An Update On Our Dog




11. Grandpa Feeds Her With A Fork 




12. My Sister’s Dog Isn’t Allowed To Bring His Toys Inside, So He Found The World’s Tiniest Stick To Entice Me Into Playing Fetch




13. My Boyfriend Went Inside A Store Without Him. He Stared At Me Like This The Whole Time. 4 Minutes. He Didn't Blink Much. For 4 Minutes




14. Shikes




15. Yep, The Owner Must Be A Couch Potato




16. He Breathed In While Licking His Nose And His Tongue Got Sucked Into His Nostrils A Little Bit






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