High School Student Taken In Custody After Attempting 'RKO' Wrestling Move On Principal!

High School Student Taken In Custody After Attempting 'RKO' Wrestling Move On Principal!

A high school student in Florida was arrested after his attempt at performing a WWE wrestling move on his principal ended up with the latter putting him in a headlock.

While WWE has constantly endeavored to illuminate its watchers regarding the risks of mimicking wrestling moves, it appears that a few fans haven't actually paid attention to the association's admonitions. As reported by The Times-Picayune, in the past, various kids have kicked the bucket subsequent to experiencing wounds after attempting dangerous wrestling moves.

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It appears as though one more wrestling fan neglected to focus on the WWE's constant warnings. As detailed by CBS Denver, as of late, a high school student was captured subsequent to attempting to perform a rather popular WWE finishing move on his high school principal.

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Gianny Sosa, 18, showed up in court on Thursday, April 12, in the wake of endeavouring to perform Randy Orton's signature 'RKO' move on the Miami South Ridge Senior High School's principal. Gianny's unwilling casualty told law enforcement that he was assaulted by Sosa in one of the school's corridors.



For the uninitiated, RKO — named after Orton's initials, Randal Keith Orton — is a bouncing variation of the finishing move, where a wrestler grabs his or her rival's neck, jumps into the air and drives their head into the ground. 

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While Sosa's kin attempted to clarify that their sibling was essentially kidding around, law enforcement was brought in, and the 18-year-old was captured. He deals with indictments of battery on a school representative, as well as meddling with an educational institution. 


Gianny's sibling, Mike Sosa, contended that Gianny did not intend to bring about any inconvenience. "It feels like he’s being charged with something he does not deserve. My brother is a nice guy and all he wanted was play around and make people feel happy about themselves," he explained.

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Additionally, Gianny's sister, Camila Sosa, said that Gianny had no evil intentions at all. "This could not have been violent move. I mean he weighs 135 pounds and there is no way he could have done this sort of move you see on WWE," she argued.

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Mike Sosa additionally clarified that the principal fought back against his sibling, describing that Gianny was placed in a wrestler's hold and punched. The Office of Communications for Miami-Dade Schools issued a statement, addressing the wrestling-inspired incident. "Miami-Dade County Public Schools works diligently to cultivate a safe learning and working environment for students and staff."

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Consequently, the judge supervising Gianny's case found the charges to be substantial. That being stated, Gianny was allowed pre-trial services. Accordingly, the high schooler won't need to post a bond so as to be discharged from custody. 

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