Hardcore vampire fan spends more than a thousand dollars on surgeries to look like one.

Hardcore vampire fan spends more than a thousand dollars on surgeries to look like one.

Man from brazil who is a hardcore vampire fan spends thousands of dollars to look like a Dracula.

Most of us have tried to be our favorite horror characters at one time or another. However, I don’t think any of us have been passionate enough to get surgeries to look like them. As peculiar as it may sound, Jason Luiz da Silva, from Minas Gerais, Brazil, was loved vampires so much that he spent more than a grand to become one.
As a fan of demon-inspired TV shows including The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, he has wanted to change his appearance ever since he was young. Hence, as he grew up and started to earn his own money, he decided to use the characters as inspiration. At the age of 18, he had his first transformational surgery that was tattooing his eyeballs black.



Despite knowing that tattooing your eyeballs comes with risks, and if the ink is injected incorrectly it could even leave you blind Jason was never in doubt about wanting to pursue his dream.
After a few years, he underwent procedures to have his tongue split in two, and to have his teeth extended into fangs using porcelain implants. Soon after this modification, he went on to get his entire tongue tattooed black. He termed the one-hour procedure as the most painful of all his modifications.



In one of his interviews, Jason said,

“I have always been passionate about modifications and was finally able to paint my eyes aged eighteen. Six months ago, I had my tongue splitting procedure and since then, I’ve also tattooed my tongue and recently modified my teeth. My favorite modification is definitely my eyes. Every day I look in the mirror and can’t believe that I have made such an improvement. It brings me happiness knowing that I’ve been able to make this change and look how I’ve always wanted to look.”

When it was time to choose a career, Jason decided to become a body modification specialist. Hence, due to the nature of his job, he was able to cut down on the cost of his procedures by enlisting some of his friends in the field to carry out his work. His unusual appearance often attracts stares and comments from strangers, but Jason is ‘used to the bemused looks’ and is no longer bothered by what people think.
While talking about his outlook, he further explained,

“When I was younger, I was called a ‘demon’ and a ‘freakshow.’ I just don’t bother with people who do not add positivity and happiness to my life. Luckily, my mum and brother are super supportive of me and have followed me through every change.”

Even though Jason has dramatically changed his look he is not done with his transformation just yet. In the future, he plans to make his ears ‘look like elf ears’, as well as getting some tattoos, some implants, and making further adjustments to his body in the future.



He also advised those interested in body modification to go to an experienced, professional specialist and ensure they are fully committed to their transformations, as the procedures can be very hard, if not impossible to reverse.

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Article and Image Source: Unilad 

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