Hairless rabbit saved from being euthanized became an instagram star

Hairless rabbit saved from being euthanized became an instagram star

This unusual looking rabbit was saved from euthanasia as a baby and has since become an Instagram celebrity.

Most of the time, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and all the other animals are considered pretty because of the fur they have. However, in rare cases, these animals, like humans, tend to lose fur from their bodies.
Even though there is not a lot of information on the internet, the condition is quite common in rabbits. Hairless bunnies are born when both parents have a copy of a specific gene called the “ff gene.” In this case, almost every litter will have a hairless baby among the kits.




One such rabbit baby, now called Mr. Bigglesworth, came into the world in 2018. The bunny, although born with his healthy siblings, was up for euthanasia. All the others were on sale for their forever homes.




Looking at this, Casandra, Mr. Bigglesworth’s beloved mother now, called the breeder out of curiosity after looking at the listing. She had never heard of a hairless rabbit.



The breeder told her that she could just have the bunny for free. Since, due to their health issues, hairless rabbits are not saleable, and the breeder usually euthanizes them. Cassandra picked him up the next day, naming him Mr. Bigglesworth after the hairless cat in the Austin Powers movies.




Thanks to their rarity, there is not a lot of information online about his condition. Thus, she created him an Instagram account hoping that someone with knowledge would see him and reach out. Where many people contacted Cassandra to help her out. Many people started loving how adorable Mr. Bigglesworth was. He has a decent fan following on Instagram, and it turns out that hairless rabbits can have a long life full of love after all.




To see more of Mr. Bigglesworth, follow him on Instagram @mrbigglesworthrabbit.

Article source: Diply

Image Source: Instagram

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