Hacks For Parents To Handle Their Children & Keep Them Entertained During These Tough Times!

Hacks For Parents To Handle Their Children & Keep Them Entertained During These Tough Times!

Parenting hacks to handle your children through this quarantine and to stay un-annoyed! Take a look and apply the suitable ones at your home.

This is the time when parents, children and everyone is stuck at home. No matter whatever urgency you have, you have to stick to the rules of the lockdown. So, If you're trying to understand how to handle your offspring through this quarantine and not get annoyed, you have to take a look at these parenting hacks. Even when they're not practically possible at home, we are sure you'll laugh.


Facebook l Mommy Gearest

This mommy brilliantly alotted the healthy snacks some dollars so the children should remain on a healthy diet too. 



Instagram l @ruby1508Report

Make your kids find all the things that you've lost. They will play it as a game and stay busy in some healthy mind activity.



This toddler was made to paint by his parents. It's keeping him busy while the fence would also look good.

Instagram l @tmccrum_mua

This kid is making a car out of tape. Interesting!



Instagram l @sportymum_b

It must be her mom who wanted to avoid this painting mess children create. This is a brilliant hack to perform finger painting with any extra mess.




Instructables | wbannister

These Neon Glowing bottles. Maybe to practise bowling?

























Pinterest | The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide



Instagram l @fjordliebe



This cute little kiddo is on another adventure assigned by her mum. She is washing her mum's car thinking as if she is painting it with water.


Facebook l Jennifer Hallstrom

All the snacks are in the basket for the day. So the children don't just eat out all of the quarantine snacks in a single day. Anything could happen when you're bored!


Facebook | Official Registered Early Childhood Educators Group

Much appreciated outdoor activity! Snake ladder made out of chalk so children will stay busy playing the new game.


Instagram l @fjordliebe

Let your children enjoy in the shower. Let them play and think its summer time. 

We all are facing the same home sickness in this quarantine phase. This too shall pass! But stay supportive and helpful to each other.


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