Guy catfished a thief and made him land in jail for stealing his wallet and friend's cellphone.

Guy catfished a thief and made him land in jail for stealing his wallet and friend's cellphone.

This guy's wallet was stolen from his college's gym. He took revenge by texting the thief, becoming friends with him, arranging a meet-up to get his things back and then telling the police about his identity and getting him jailed.

This guy's wallet and his friend's cell phone was stolen by some thief from their college gym. He called on the same phone that got stolen and after calling multiple times, got a reply from the thief. Then the texting continued and after around ten days, he convinced the thief to return him his things at the exchange of money but the deal was that the thief would also sell him his drugs. The day was set, the thief was supposed to come at some said place near the campus and pick the money from the trash and he would then throw his things in the trash which would be in a recognizable yellow bag. The guy also took his friends, one of which had lived all his life in the same area. The guy then waited for the thief and soon he saw him approaching the trash can with his friend, he called the thief and told him that he has called the police and to drop the yellow bag there. The thief cussed him and ran out dropping the bag. The guy's friend identified him as his high school fellow. Later, they told the police about the thief who caught him and recovered a whole lot of stolen things and a lot of drugs from his house.

1. I Didn't Think Too Much About It And Went To Lunch




2. We Realized We Had Been Robbed And Spent The Rest Of The Meal Bitching About Gym Security And Just Accepting Our Fate



3. The Thief Starts Texting Back, And To Be Honest I Was Surprised By How Empathetic He Was Being With Me About Getting Robbed



4. I Realized The Only Way This Guy Would Meet-Up Is If He Had Something To Gain



5. At This Point, I Thought I Might Be In Over My Head, So I Went To The Campus Public Safety To See If They Could Help



6. His Instructions Were For Us To Leave Cash Under A Trash Can In The Middle Of Campus, And He Would Then Throw Away Our Stuff In The Trash In A Recognizable Yellow Bag



7. I Called A Friend Who Had Grown Up In The Area And Gone To The Public High School Near My College



8. Sure Enough, We See A Skinny White Kid Carrying A Yellow Bag Approaching The Trash Can Along With A Short, Squat Guy In A Big Hoody



9. He Cussed Me Out, Dropped The Bag Where He Stood And Started Running Into The Woods



10. The Lack Of Drugs Was Kind Of A Relief When The Next Part Of This Story Started Going Down



11. I Was Given Notice That A Restraining Order Had Been Filed On My Behalf That Was To Keep Cletus 500 Yards Away From Me





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