Gucci launched a $2600 dress for men to break stereo types.

Gucci launched a $2600 dress for men to break stereo types.

Gucci launched a $2600 dress for men claiming that it was designed to break stereotypes. However, the netizens believe it is pretty dumb and does no good as far as breaking stereotypes is concerned.

The fashion brand Gucci launched a $ 2,600 dress for men to combat "toxic stereotypes."




The dress from the Italian brand, as explained on the site, is an orange and beige checkered dress for its autumn-winter 2020 collection. It is a long tartan cotton shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons, a Peter Pan collar and a satin bow in the waist.



According to Gucci this garment "inspired by the grunge 'looks' of the 90s" that seeks to combat the "toxic stereotypes that shape male gender identity.”
The brand explains,

“This piece reflects the idea of fluidity explored for the Fall-Winter 2020 fashion show and adds an element inspired by childhood, which ties in with a recurring theme of the collection.”




However, netizens don’t exactly agree with them. Most of them believe that the high-price of the garment strays from the idea and is a deterrence.
Here is one of the responses that the dress received,




The idea of gender-fluid clothing mostly welcomed within the fashion world, but this particular dress failed miserably at promoting the cause. One user tweeted:

"Blokes have been 'wearing make up' and other 'typical girly' stuff for years, many of my favorite 80s pop stars, they didn't find being masculine 'toxic,' just went for a vibe. Some were gay some were not. Wtf are these dullards actually trying to say?"

Another said,

“If you want to fight 'toxic masculinity stereotypes' and have £1,700 to spare give your local women's refuge £1,680 and buy yourself a T-shirt.”

Furthermore, the styling of the dress also received a lot of criticism. Many users called it ugly. However, some do really like the idea and want this to be a start of reducing the toxic masculine stereotype.

What do you think about it?

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Article Source: Insider

Image Source: Gucci

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