"Great Wisteria Festival" Of Japan Features More Than 22 Acres Of Beautiful Blooms

"Great Wisteria Festival" Of Japan Features More Than 22 Acres Of Beautiful Blooms

Are you already planning your next holiday spot and cannot wait for this virus to end? Well, looking at these majestic pictures of Japan's Wisteria festival, I am sure you would like to add this place to your bucket list too.



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These beautiful pictures look like a scene straight from our childhood fairytale stories. They are not some animation but real pictures. These are actually taken from spring flower display festivals in Japan and after looking at these, there is one thing for sure. We all need to attend this festival at least once in our life. 



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Japan is full of beautiful variety of flowers, all of which are carefully maintained throughout the year and have a long history attached to them.

Ashikaga Flower Park is one of those places, and it's particularly famous for its wisteria.



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It is estimated that every year approximately 92,000-square-meter (22.3 acres) wisteria park comes into full bloom.

Wisteria is those magnificent flowers, that have varying creeping structures. So they are given various frames and structures to allow it to grow into amazing features, like the purple "waterfall".



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The Great Wisteria has a rich history attached to them.  It is said that these are over 150 years old and their canopies creep over a raised lattice to create an incredible ceiling of hanging blossoms. At night, more than 350 varieties of wisteria plants have their white, yellow, pink, and purple flowers illuminated to create a spectacular experience.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 the festival has been postponed for 2020. During social distancing times, it is not possible to let tourists come to enjoy the magnificent sight. One can only hope that this virus ends soon so we can enjoy these beautiful places in real life soon.  


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