Grandfather with Vitiligo crochets doll with similar conditions to raise awareness.

Grandfather with Vitiligo crochets doll with similar conditions to raise awareness.

To raise awareness about the skin condition vitiligo, this grandfather crochets dolls with a similar condition.

Vitiligo is a very common skin disease that affects not only humans but also animals. It causes pigmentation across the body and causes a patchy white appearance overall.
A couple of models and actresses have had the condition and have worked for the awareness of the condition.




However, this grandpa here is singlehandedly working on spreading awareness regarding the condition. Similar awareness is super important since many children, as well as adults, have had to face bullying simply due to the way their skin looks.




The grandfather himself has Vitiligo and hand crochets the most perfect dolls for children with the condition.




João Stanganelli began making the dolls for his granddaughter so that she would remember him. He got this condition when he was in his late 30s. Now he is 64 years old.
He had to retire from work early due to certain health conditions and took up crocheting as a hobby. This led to the creation of vitiligo dolls.




Apart from raising awareness regarding the condition, Stanganelli took it upon himself to create dolls of all shapes, sizes, and races. He also crochets other inclusive dolls, like ones in wheelchairs or others with alopecia.




We need more people like him in the world.

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