GPS insoles that will let you track your loved ones with Alzheimer's at your finger tips.

GPS insoles that will let you track your loved ones with Alzheimer's at your finger tips.

The GPS tracking insoles that have a microchip in them and lets you easily track the ones with Alzheimer's or Dementia and keep them from getting lost.

Caring for a person with Alzheimer's or Dementia can be quite stressful and a full-time job not only for a single person but it requires a whole team. But, it may be not as challenging as you are expecting with these GPS tracking insoles, that lets you track your loved one anytime and anywhere with your device easily.

There's always a frightening chance of a person being lost with Alzheimer's as the short term memory loss can put them in any situation. But this company invented an easy to use GPS soles that will prevent your loved ones to be tracked immediately.


Tracking app



The website explains the usage of these insoles. It says these insoles with a GPS microchip will fit into any of your shoes that you want to wear. Moreover, the website says, "This system capitalizes on procedural memory," the website illustrates, "which means even those with advanced memory disorders typically remember to wear shoes!"





Once, the insoles are fitted in the shoes and the one wearing it remains in the area where 2G or higher networks are accessible, the person can be tracked easily with the app.

The website also explains that although these insoles are a bit thicker than the normal ones. But, it's been checked that the person wearing it would feel comfortable in them and would find nothing strange.


Put them in any shoes you want to wear



This insole tracking method is quite feasible as compared to other tracking devices such as bracelets or other visible ones. These insoles are not at all obvious and maintain the dignity of the wearer and preserve his privacy. So, the wearer is not ashamed to carry this.





The smart insoles are available in only three sizes large, medium and small. But all three sizes can be trimmed to fit in the size of the wearer.




The smart GPS insole tracker can also be used for the wandering little kids who always run away from their mothers and find a way to get lost. The small size can be fitted into the kid's shoes and now you're easy to go anywhere.


Its for kids too


The GPS insole also comes with a wireless charger and the full charge lasts up to two long days. As these insoles require device's connectivity and other repairing services so the cost is according to that, that is $299. Also, it comes with two data plans that can be checked on the website. Also you can know about the product here.



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