Gorgeous rescued Pit Bull getting a maternity shoot few days before giving birth

Gorgeous rescued Pit Bull getting a maternity shoot few days before giving birth

This rescued Pit Bull got her very own fun-filler girly maternity shoot. It is the best thing you will see today.

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for being aggressive and non-friendly. However, the people who have had a Pit Bull in their life would know these gorgeous beasts are babies by heart.

Thanks to the people who rescue them and decide to spread awareness, their reputation is on the way of correction.



This pittie mama to be just got her maternity shoot done, and it is by far the most adorable thing I have seen. She is named pickles and is a brown colored Pit Bull.
Mama Pickles was found wandering the streets, lost, and very pregnant. Sadly, when the rescuers found her owners, they didn’t want her back. So, pickles ended up heartbroken in a shelter.


Since shelters don’t have enough space and facilities to help pregnant dogs, Pits and Giggles rescue decided to jump in and take pickles along.


Their mission is to save pregnant dogs from overburdened shelters, giving them medical care and a safe place to give birth. That is exactly what they did for pickles.
Once the puppies are weaned, the organizations get the mama dog spayed and finds forever homes for the pups and the mama.
When mama pickles were rescued, one of the volunteers, Lauren Casteen Sykes, who is also a photographer, took her for a maternity shoot.

She got pickles the cutest accessories and made her pose. According to Lauren, it wasn't the calmest of models, and it took a fast shutter button to catch her when she wasn't moving.


A few days after the shoot, Pickles gave birth to eight little girls. That is when Lauren decided to take her camera out again. Doesn’t Pickles look the happiest?



Image and Article source: Diply

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