George Floyd's former teacher kept one of his essays and described him as 'Shy'.

George Floyd's former teacher kept one of his essays and described him as 'Shy'.

George Floyd's second-grade teacher at Frederick Douglass Elementary school kept one of his essays where he said he wanted to be a judge.

We all know what a tragedy Floyd's death was. It not only affected the people who had once known him but has also been jotted down as an important tragedy in America's history. All of America is deeply saddened by how he left the world.



Amidst all this, a retired Texas elementary school teacher Waynel Sexton who shared her classroom at Frederick Douglass Elementary school with 8-year-old Floyd, came forward.



Sexton has a habit of keeping one of her student's big projects. Over the years, she has collected hundreds of essays and projects. Turns out, she had saved one of Floyd's as well.
Back then, Floyd went by his middle name "Perry" and had some pretty lofty career aspirations for himself.

His essay reads, 

"When I grow up, I want to be a Supreme Court Judge. When people say 'your honor, he did rob the bank,' I will say 'Be seated.' And If he doesn't, I will tell the guard to take him out. Then I will beat my hammer on the desk."

This was written during Black History Month, where the children learned about famous black Americans.
Besides the text, Floyd included a hand-drawn picture of himself sitting behind the bench, gavel, and all.



It's so heart wrenching that he had to leave the world in such an agitated state.
When asked about Floyd, Sexton said, 

"How could we have known that the little boy, the little 8-year-old who drew this precious, delightful picture about justice and wanting to be a justice, 38 years later would be —his life would be taken? He was quiet, he didn't talk a lot. He was already that long, lanky little boy. We did a lot of singing and dancing in our classroom, and he enjoyed all of that. He enjoyed his friends. And he was a good boy. He was a delight to have in the classroom."

Although he never achieved his dreams of becoming a Supreme Court Justice, Sexton said he will always be remembered: "as a man who changed America."



Racism needs to end. Black Americans are as much American as white Americans. Can you imagine living a life where you have to follow a set of rules like this to surive in the society? I cant. 

Article and Image Source: Diply

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