Gen the adorable little Corgi is better at giving situation appropriate expressions than most of us.

Gen the adorable little Corgi is better at giving situation appropriate expressions than most of us.

If you want to bless your day, take a look at this adorable liddul corgi who cannot help but display a gazillion emotions on his face especially when there’s food in front of him.

Although my love for animals is not breed specific, I must confess that corgis are by far my favorite. How can one resist those cuties? Especially that fluffy corgi butt. In my opinion, corgis have a genre of their own on the internet. There is something special about these furry tanks with stubby legs that really makes them stand out from the pupper crowd.




Gen the corgi only endorses this theory. He has one of the most expressive faces a dog can have and he even has an insta account of his own with whopping 150K followers.




Gen lives in Japan and unlike many corgis, he did not get his tail docked at birth. Most Pembroke corgis have their tails docked soon after birth, which results in the classic corgi butt we're all familiar with. The fact that Gen was not docked is good. It would be great to see more breeds let go of the docking tradition.




He is five years old and suffers from some health issues. He has a hereditary version of chronic renal failure, which results in a lot more pee breaks than average, dehydration, anemia, and high blood pressure. However, this does not stop him from having fun.




Due to his condition, Gen is a regular at his local clinic. He gets dialysis three times a week, as well as a number of regular injections and medications.
The poor baby will not live as long as other corgis but he is always so full of fun.




Roasted sweet potatoes are his favorite and he likes chomping on them day and night.




He loves ice cream as well.




And pizza.




And tomatoes.




And strawberries.




The list goes on.
Gen loves to run and go on walks.




He enjoys the snow as well.




Most importantly, he is an independent pupper who doesn’t need anyone.



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Article Source: Diply

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