Funniest Parenting Tweets That Prove Kids Should Name Everything!

Funniest Parenting Tweets That Prove Kids Should Name Everything!

Kids says the darndest things, but they definifely get an A for efforts! "My 4-year-old called ice cubes 'water bricks,' and now I'll never call them anything else," says one dad.

We as a whole realize that kids state the most entertaining and craziest things here and there. Their young minds haven't been molded to pursue our restricted tenets of discourse just yet, so they frequently simply name things as their inventive minds directs them to. Also, guess what? A larger part of the time, children's made-up names for things really bode well, are a lot more interesting and more illustrative than the firsts would ever wish to be. Ice cubes? Nah, that will be water bricks, please!

In the rundown underneath, you'll get another viewpoint on things that we have been instructed not to take note of. Just the unadulterated, pure personalities of children could come up with these beautiful perceptions! Moreover, every one of the new names given by these hilariously creative kids will definitely have you in stitches: 

1. Too enlightened! 


2. The struggle is real 


3. Just a kid 


4. Haters gonna hate 


5. LMAO 


6. A for efforts 


7. Reality just took a hit! 


8. Mysteries of the universe 


9. A writer in the making 


10. Makes perfect sense 


11. Purely innocent 


12. A star is born! 


13. Seems only fair 


14. Proudest parent ever! 


15. Right in the feels 


16. Cuteness overload


17. Mind = blown


18. You go, girl! 


19. Cheap thrills 


20. Like a boss! 


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