Friendly Golden Retriever Enjoys Visiting Gophers On Her Regular Walks

Friendly Golden Retriever Enjoys Visiting Gophers On Her Regular Walks

A golden retriever named Fiona is all about that gopher's life. The little animal has made it a routine to socialize with other animals that sit in her local park.

Every single one of us have used the term man's best friend for dogs. Yep, with their sincere loyalty and endless love for chowing, playing, and napping, dogs are truly a gift to mankind.

But man is not the only kind to be the best friend of a dog? The list continues on and on. Dogs appear to befriend cats, birds, hamsters, baby chicks, horses.


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So do you need specific examples? Take the majestic doggo of the Pyrenees, Fiona, who became best friends with a bunch of gophers in her local park, for instance.

Meet Fiona, the completely magnificent 2-year-old Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean mountain dog, who recently made headlines at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for forming friendships with unknown gophers.


Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


For several of their regular walks, Fiona and her hustler friend go down to the local park.

It was just Fiona at first, the leaves, the grass, the odd pooch that happened to walk by, and perhaps a stick.

Yet Fiona has begun to note all the odd holes in the earth lately.


Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


And it just so occurred that she even found the critters who made those openings, the local neighborhood gophers, in the first place.

Even though Fiona is reported to have to wait a long time for a gopher to finally come out of her hide-holes occasionally, she's patient enough to let it happen.

And she attempts it every single day.


Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


Now, with positive or not-so-good intentions, you'd imagine a dog to find most creatures baffling and to bark right away.

Although Fiona doesn't. When it comes to dogs, the beautiful lady is as friendly as it gets. Fiona is also seen in the video lying down by one of the gopher holes she noticed.


Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


Lo and behold, to scope out the big white cloud of cuteness that is Fiona, a gopher pops his short little head out.

The two just look at each other, for the most part.

Occasionally, the gopher will withdraw back into his tunnel to force any more soil out and she will even lean in for what feels like a sniffy kiss, but at the last second, the gopher chickens out and heads back into his tunnels.


Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


Fiona is like a benevolent giant, reaching in for the snoot boop, trying to sniff out all about the gopher, while the gopher looks nice, gawking at Fiona with the same sort of amazement as the doggy, yet also keeping up with the routine of everyday searching.

Fiona's human friend explained why she always does that: she feels someone still needs to say hello to her, leading to some sweet and pleasant encounters.


Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


It is always tough to persuade her to go and they spend a lot of time hanging out near gopher holes because she's such a big girl.

Needless to mention, all the time, Fiona wants to make friends.

On her Instagram, there is another clip of Fiona struggling to make friends with a deer that has managed to walk into their backyard.




The caption read, "I see you, I smell you, I like you, but with a gopher, I kind of have something going on."

Soon after it went online, the clip of Fiona and the Gopher began to make headlines, earning thousands of likes on Instagram and another 96,000 + views on YouTube.

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Image credits: fiona_the_great_pyrenees


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