French Couple Seeking To Purchase Online Pet Savannah Cat Receives Tiger Cub Instead.

French Couple Seeking To Purchase Online Pet Savannah Cat Receives Tiger Cub Instead.

A French couple found that a tiger cub was actually the Savannah cat they bought for 6,000 euros. The undisclosed couple from Normandy, as per the Daily Mail, saw an online ad for a Savannah cat and chose to get it as a pet. Instead, they ended up with a tiger cub that was three months old.

After a couple who replied to an online ad about a Savannah cat for sale received a tiger cub instead, law enforcement officials stepped in.

A couple in France spent about $7,000 to purchase the pet via an online ad in 2018, according to a statement from United Press International.

They expected the Savannah cat kitten (a cross between an exotic African serpent and a domesticated house cat) to turn out to be a baby tiger.

The pair brought the case to the attention of local authority after obtaining the surprise cub.


tiger cub and savannah cat


According to the outlet, Savannah cats are legal to have in France as pets, but the critically endangered Sumatran tiger is not.

Nine individuals were arrested earlier this month in connection with the acquisition and sale of the tiger after a two-year investigation, including the couple who bought it, although they were discharged by police, reports Indian Express.

The cat is currently in the custody of the French Biodiversity Agency, according to UPI, and authorities are investigating allegations of animal trafficking against the perpetrators.

As per the World Wildlife Fund, the subspecies of tiger is critically endangered and is only present in the wild in Sumatra , Indonesia, after being wiped out from the other Sunda islands. Fewer than 400 of the tigers remaining on the earth are thought to exist, and erosion and poaching threaten to totally extinguish the population.

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