Foster parents celebrate the adoption of this toddler after fostering her for two years.

Foster parents celebrate the adoption of this toddler after fostering her for two years.

The Moody family celebrates the adoption of Isla Moody with an adoption parade after fostering the baby girl for two whole years.

Amidst the pandemic, with tens and hundreds of bad news making their way to us, a piece of small good news or a happy story feels like a ray of hope. The story of Isla Elizabeth Moody is one to hear. I assure you; you will leave this post with a smile.
In 2018, 7-day-old Isla came to the Moody family as a foster child. She weighed only four pounds when Cayela Moody, her husband Evan, got her. Instantly the babe made a mark on their hearts.



Talking about her first days, Cayela said, “We’d had Isla for 48 hours, and somebody asked if she needed us for adoption, would we want to? I brought it up to Evan, and he said, ‘You won’t need to ask me again. If she needs us for adoption, I’m all in.” How cute!
In February this year, after two years of fostering, the Moody family learned they would finally be able to adopt Isla. Unfortunately, the Global pandemic postponed their plans as courthouses all across the country were closed.
Evan, Cayela’s husband, said, “They basically stopped all operations for a while at least. We knew in February that it was pretty much a certainty that she was going to be with us forever. Still, the actual adoption ceremony itself and decree was on hold indefinitely at that point.”
As soon as the courthouses reopened after six weeks, the Moody family went forward with their plants. The Adoption process took place online via a Zoom call.



On April 30, while more than two dozen friends and family members joined the call from inside their own homes, Isla was officially adopted into the Moody family after spending 700 days in the foster care system.



To celebrate the official entry of Isla into the Moody family, a foster care support organization which Cayela Moody helps run, threw Isla an “Adoption Day” parade.
Cayela explained, “Everybody wanted to be part of Isla’s adoption, but I thought I can’t do this right now, we’ll throw a party later. A friend asked if it would be O.K. to throw a parade, and I said that’d be fine. I wanted people who supported Isla and us to be able to celebrate because they’ve been part of this, too.”
A dozen cars drove past the Moody home on the day of Isla’s adoption while the toddler watched from the front lawn with her family.



The Moody family is currently fostering another child and say they will continue to support other foster parents in their community. More power to them.

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