Former Student Raises $27,000 For Substitute Former Teacher Living In A Car After The Pandemic Hit him Hard.

Former Student Raises $27,000 For Substitute Former Teacher Living In A Car After The Pandemic Hit him Hard.

A former student rescued his kind substitute teacher who was living in a car due to his declining financial situation mostly after the pandemic gulped his job as a teacher. The student setup a GoFundMe page, and have him as a present a check of $27,000 on his birthday.

The pandemic has given us all quite a hard time when it hit last year. Many people went from poor circumstances to the worst where they couldn't even survive. 




The same happened with substitute teacher José Villaruel who found himself out of work as lessons went online. The consequences were catastrophic for the teacher who already was having a tough time managing his finances and most of all, he had been using his income to send to his sick wife and children living in Mexico.




In fact, he had been living out of his car for quite a time so he could send his family the money they needed. Now, with no job, Villaruel was living off his Social Security check, most of which he sent to his loved ones.




But when a former student, Steven Nava, saw his teacher in a parking lot at 5 a.m. on the way to work, he was shocked. After plucking up the courage, he approached his old teacher and asked about his circumstances. When Villaruel explained his struggles, the 21-year-old felt compelled to help. Nava realized it was time to say him a Thank-you for the effort he put in his students. 



Villaruel’s response encouraged Nava to help him further, and he promised the teacher he’d do whatever it took to get him out of his predicament. 

Nava set up a GoFundMe page and the donations quickly mounted up to $27,000. So along with some other former students, Nava successfully was able to help his teacher with whom he had a great time in the past. And remembering how he was so caring and kind, Nava was pleased to help him with all his heart. 




Nava with some other students presented the check to the delighted teacher on his 77th birthday. Villarreal was so moved that he hugged him and thanked him for the effort he made to help him all along.

Article and image source: Diply

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