Florida Man Catches 1,000-Pound Alligator, Claims Has Stalked Him For Months.

Florida Man Catches 1,000-Pound Alligator, Claims Has Stalked Him For Months.

A Florida man has managed to capture a giant 1,000-pound alligator that he claims has been "stalking" him for years.

Last month, in Blountstown, Florida, Fisherman Corey Capps captured a giant 13ft-long, 1.008 pound alligator. Capps said that whenever he went fishing for three years, the giant reptile stalked him saying:' something was going to give between the two of us'. He saw a gator standing on the bank of the Apalachicola River on October 12. He returned to the same location the next day with a friend who had a state-issued gator tag, and they killed and removed the reptile together.

Capps and Smith sailed downriver the next day and discovered the gator lying at the exact same spot.

Corey Capps, who comes from Blountstown, Florida, took a boat trip down the Apalachicola River with his wife, per CNN, when he saw the giant reptile lying on the shore.

Capps called a close friend named Rodney Smith, who owned state-issued gator tags that allowed them to legally hunt the creature, after spying on the creature from afar.

The two men harpooned and killed the 13-foot-long beast instantly, which was so massive that it took the couple about three and a half hours to move the specimen with their boat.





When the carcass was eventually pulled to the shore, they carried it to a recycle centre nearby.

Capps told CNN the gator weighed a whopping 1,008 pounds, falling short of the state record for Florida.



Capps said he plans to mount the front legs and the animal's head as a trophy. He added that he sold the remainder of the animal to a local Tallahassee processing company.




In a later interview with CNN on his phenomenal catch, Capps stated:
"Three different times in the last two months, I've been back there fishing and he's stalked me. So me and him, something was going to give between the two of us."




Capps added: "We went out and harpooned him... and we didn't realize. We knew he was big, but not as big as when we pulled him up that bank. Across the top of his head was 16 inches wide.

"He's the biggest one I've ever seen."




The heaviest gator caught in the state was a 1,043-pound male from Orange Lake in Alachua County, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Management Commission.

At 13 feet, 10-1/2 inches, the record-holder was about the same length as Capp's gator.

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