Flight To Malaysia 'Forced To Turn Around' After Mom Forgets Her Baby At The Terminal!

Flight To Malaysia 'Forced To Turn Around' After Mom Forgets Her Baby At The Terminal!

A Saudi Airlines plane was recently forced to make an emergency turn around after a woman reportedly left her young baby at the terminal of the airport. 'Home Alone' anyone?

A majority of us must have surely watched the globally celebrated box office movie, Home Alone during the holiday season. However, watching that particular movie generally led to terrifying yet hilarious thoughts about how could anybody be deserted by their very own family - let alone a tyke! 

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But at least movie-mom Kate McCallister had a perfectly suitable reason for leaving her son behind. The reason being the never-ending clan of youngsters and other relatives to battle while making all the arrangements for the trip. However, one wouldn't expect such an occurrence in the real world because life isn't a movie, right? Wrong! 

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In a hilarious yet unfathomable turn of events, a mother traveling via Saudi Airlines flight acknowledged that she'd abandoned her child back at the airplane terminal just a brief span after the take-off.  The plane was en route to Kuala Lumpur from Jeddah when the absent-minded traveler requested to be brought together with her kid.

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Her never-ending rants implied that the pilot, unfortunately, had to turn the whole plane around. Furthermore, flight SV832 eventually turned back to proceed to retrieve the youngster after the mother told the lodge team that she had abandoned her child in the boarding area.  

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Consequently, an unusually strange video showcasing the entire ordeal has been posted on to various social media channels. In the posted video, one can hear the pilot constantly asking for consent to go back to the terminal of the King Abdul Aziz International Airport.



Naturally, Air Traffic Controllers were gotten off guard, however, eventually scampered around to make some sense of what the right game-plan was for the particular situation. As per Gulf News, the pilot can be heard inquiring, "May good fortune be with us. Can we come back or what?" 

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Moreover, the ATC team addressed each other about convention with one administrator saying, "This flight is requesting to come back...a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing." The controller at that point requests that the pilot repeat the reason for turning back. To which he says, "We told you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight." 

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Additionally, netizens have now taken to social media with some applauding the pilot and others scrutinizing the mother. One said, "At the airport, I've thought about it a lot! Getting on that plane and leaving my husband behind... I wouldn't turn back," Another added, "How the heck can you forget you got your baby with you?" 

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