Fitness Trainer Intentionally Piles on 56 Pounds Weight During Lockdown to Prove a Point.

Fitness Trainer Intentionally Piles on 56 Pounds Weight During Lockdown to Prove a Point.

A personal fitness trainer purposefully gained four stone as an experiment to better understand what his obese clients face on a daily basis.

With the Covid 19 outbreak and lockdowns to prevent its spread, we've found ourselves having to stay home for much of the past year and a bit, many of us have undergone stunning bodily transformations.

Some have exploited the absence of indulgent distractions to get in tip-top shape, while others have taken advantage of the lack of pressure to look good by pigging out on the sofa.
PT Andrew Roberts took the latter route - to the extreme. He is a personal trainer who purposefully piled on four stone (56lbs) during lockdown. 

The 23-year-old ordinarily has the sort of ripped physique you'd expect of someone whose job it is to show people how to keep fit, he looked like this:



But he decided to do away with his healthy vegan diet and regular exercise regimen, spending six months living a sedentary lifestyle and gorging on pizzas, pies, crisps and ice cream.
As expected, his body reacted the same way anyone else’s would - the results were dramatic. At his heaviest, he reached 15st 2lbs and his body fat went from 10 percent to 27.4 percent - which is classed as obese.

before and after


According to Andrew the whole situation proved to be quite an ordeal. He said:

"I have gained quite bad stretch marks around my thighs and inner thighs, lower back pain... and one thing I wasn't expecting it to affect was libido.

He also went on to express that:

"Mentally I was exhausted all the time, the motivation was non-existent, and my mindset shifted and became quite negative towards things in general."

Not only this, within just 6 months he started to develop obesity related health problems and was rushed to A&E for emergency scans due to pains in his heart, arm and leg, which thankfully weren't serious.

At this point then, you must be probably wondering why Andrew went on with this experiment?

Well, the PT wanted to gain a better understanding of what his clients go through when they're overweight and trying to shed the pounds, while highlighting the mental health impact that a bad diet and lifestyle can have.

Now, he's embarking on a mission to lose his newfound gut and get back to his old body. In doing so, he hopes to demonstrate what is possible with a healthy lifestyle. Andrew said:

"When I started this journey, I never expected to gain this much weight and I can't lie it is shocking seeing how different I looked six months ago.

Although it took Andrew a great deal of hard work to get back to his original healthy body, he said:

"It has already been a rollercoaster of a journey that has tested me both physically and mentally, but it's one I'm happy I am doing and I have already learnt so much.  There is no doubt in my mind that these next six months are going to be as hard as the last six, if not harder, but I'm ready to give it my all

He also explained that his girlfriend will be relieved to see him returning to his normal diet, adding:

"She is pretty healthy as well so she didn't like the thought of me putting my body through all that, but she has been so supportive.

Andrew also explained some other ill effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain. While elaborating on this, he said:

I started snoring and became a bit uncomfortable to sleep in certain positions so I was waking up a lot more and waking her up, so we started sleeping in separate beds. I wasn't a very fun person to be around when I was eating all that food because I was so exhausted all the time and had no motivation or anything like that. So she's probably had to put up with worse than me for the last six months."

Still, having learned a lot, he's now looking to the future as he sets out to regain his trim physique once more.

Andrew said: 

"The weight gain phase is officially over. A huge amount of weight and inches gained. Now it's time to lose it all."

 Article source: LAD bible

Images Source: Traingle News

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