Feminist Cafe That Charged 18% 'Man Tax' Gets Shut Down!

Feminist Cafe That Charged 18% 'Man Tax' Gets Shut Down!

'Handsome Her' cafe that made waves after it began charging men additional tax in a bid to close the gender pay gap, has currently gone out of business.

In a recent turn of events, a vegan cafe that charged all its male customers a whopping 18 percent 'man tax', in a bid to highlight the prevailing issues of gender wage gap in the society, is shutting down.


'Handsome Her' cafe, in Melbourne's stylish Brunswick, stood out as truly newsworthy back in 2017 when it reported that it would fight against gender inequality by charging men considerably more and prioritizing female customers first.


In any case, the cafe, managed and run by green activist Alex O'Brien, declared it would close down shop on April 28, after only two years of being in business. It was not quickly clear why the bistro, portrayed as a protected space for ladies, is shutting down. 

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However, it has faced major flak across the world wide web for it's apparent reverse gender inequality scheme. In a parting post on Facebook, 'Handsome Her' said the 'man tax' pulled in widespread criticism from netizens. 


"The way the world responded (to the man tax) showed us how fragile masculinity is and solidified the necessity for us to confront and dismantle patriarchy," the post read.  'Handsome Her' said they were a small company attempting to prioritize ladies and ladies' issues yet turned into the punching bag of Melbourne and the whole web.


Moreover, they ended their goodbye post with an obscure description of future arrangements 'up north' where they will do 'hands-on work,' The 'man tax' was started when the bistro opened in 2017 and the owners chose that the practice would be imposed one week every month and the extra cash would be given to charity. 


The abrupt shut down of the cafe has been met by a blend of feelings, with many accusing the cafe's bizarre initiative. "I don't celebrate businesses going out of business or people losing their jobs, but seriously alienating a good proportion of your client base is not going to end well," one person wrote on Twitter.


"'I'm glad they tried. I'm glad they were vocal about it. I'm glad it failed. There's literally no downside," wrote another. "Get woke, go broke," a third user added. Other social media users said the man tax was simply a suggestion. "To be fair, from what I recall it was voluntary to pay more. Still, unsurprising!" one person wrote. 

Source: Twitter

In spite of the kickback, numerous ladies were dissapointed that the place of refuge was closing its entryways. "I am saddened by this news. I loved visiting your cafe and its friendly staff. You will be missed," one customer wrote on Handsome Her's closing event.

Source: Facebook

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