Female fitness model from Rome claims men cannot get enough of her bulging muscles.

Female fitness model from Rome claims men cannot get enough of her bulging muscles.

This female fitness model from Rome recently revealed that men are crazy after her muscles. Some even propose her on the spot.

Another day, another person hooked on the look.
Daniela Zuccarini, from Rome, is a fitness model who claims that men around her are obsessed with her muscles. She has even received countless proposals from men who proposed on the spot after seeing her for the first time.




The female bodybuilder got into lifting in 2019. She fell in love with it when she saw the whole process not only helped her achieve good health but also boosted her confidence. She claims that her self-confidence is so great that she never looked back. Now, she’s leaner, stronger, and happier than ever before.




Unlike many people who work out a few days a week, Daniela does weight training every day. However, her cardio sessions are limited to twice a week. As far as her diet is concerned, She cut meat and dairy out of her diet awhile back to avoid inflammation and to stay as lean as possible.




She said,

“I decided to take up bodybuilding a year ago. I started by chance. It simply just seemed like something I wanted to try and I’ve since become really passionate about it.”




Her inspiration came from social media and in her attempts to inspire people like she was inspired; she is very active on Instagram. Daniella shared a lot of photos of her muscles with her 17000 followers. However, while much of the attention she receives is positive and uplifting, she still gets her share of trolls who believe she’s “too muscly.”
She revealed,

“Most of the responses to my page have been lovely. I don’t think people are intimidated by my muscles because I’m quite feminine too and contrary to popular belief, I think lots of men like muscular women. Of course, not all do and I’ve been told that I’m ‘too muscly’ for a woman but I don’t care. I’m happy with my body and that’s what matters.”




Talking about her career and her bodybuilding life, she explained,

“Gaining muscle mass takes perseverance and sacrifice. As they say, no pain, no gain. Despite that, I feel better than ever. I’ve always worked as a model and still get many requests but since I started bodybuilding, I’ve gained so much confidence and I feel stronger and more certain of who I am. When I’m dating, I’ve found that it’s not easy for a man who doesn’t have the same lifestyle as me to approach me, but it’s never been a problem from my point of view. You wouldn’t think muscles could be so divisive. Some men have sent me marriage proposals whereas I’ve also had a woman tell me to go for a blood test because she didn’t think this could be healthy.”




She believes her muscles empower her. She realized that bodybuilding is not for everyone but she still believes that every woman should be empowered to go after her goals. No matter what they are. She said,

“If there are other women out there with a fitness goal, don’t let anything hold you back. Do everything you can to achieve your goal – no matter what others say.”

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Article source: Bolde

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