Father and Daughter Duo Recreate Sweet Graduation Day Pictures 18 Years Apart.

Father and Daughter Duo Recreate Sweet Graduation Day Pictures 18 Years Apart.

This father and daughter duo from Texas recreated his father’s graduation day picture as the daughter graduated from the same school.

Graduation day is one of the best days in a student’s life. Where 100s of other students are graduating the same day as you, you still feel as if it’s your day.
To make Tori Roach’s graduation even special, her family was looking for her toddler pictures to use at her own high school graduation party.
That is when they came across this picture taken in 2000 when Dennis Roach was graduating from Huntsville High School in Texas.



He was snapped holding his baby girl, Tori, in his arms and stealing a kiss from the toddler as he celebrated earning his high school diploma.
Looking at the picture, Tori’s aunt suggested that Dennis and Tori use her upcoming graduation to recreate the adorable photo 18 years later.
It seemed like the perfect occasion to grab a matching pic with her dad, and it was. It didn’t take much to line up the perfect shot.



Although it was a bit weird sitting in her dad’s arms, Tori said that being able to recreate that picture was “really cool.”
She shared the side-by-side snaps on Twitter, and the post quickly went viral. She captioned the post “18 years later,” which featured the original photo as well as a new one in which the now-37-year-old Dennis held his daughter in his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek.




What a coincidence, they were both graduating from the same school as well. People on Twitter went all gaga when they heard this.




What lured more comments in was how good-looking Dennis is after 18 years. one of the commenters said, “Looking for a step mom?” while another admitted, “I scrolled your pics to find more pics of your dad and was very disappointed.”

In a reply to these users, Tori said, “For everyone asking, yes this is my dad, he’s 37, and no he isn’t single...I have another sibling on the way 😂”

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Currently, Tori is a student at Sam Houston State University with her sights set on graduating in 2022. She plans on recreating the picture again for her university graduation.
She said, 

“When I graduate from Sam, it’ll be in the same stadium that I graduated in from high school and the same stadium that he graduated in from high school.”

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Image Source: Twitter

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