Neutralize Your FARTS With These Charcoal-Based Underwear Pads!

Neutralize Your FARTS With These Charcoal-Based Underwear Pads!

Flatulence is not something we should be embarrassed about. It's only natural to let it rip, if and when required!

Farts have been on the butt end of many-a-television gags and pranks. It's really funny to hear someone let out a little toot in perfect comedic timing, ripping through the scene and seizing the audience's rapt attention. But in real life, farts can be a little too embarrassing. It's especially embarrassing if it's a 'silent but deadly' one.

However, flatulence is not something we should be embarrassed about. It's only natural to let it rip if and when required! There's tangible proof that if you hold in your farts, it can cause you a considerable amount of discomfort. In the words of the big, green, ogre from the swamp, Shrek: "Better out than in, they say!"

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One company recognized the need to toot, so they created a fart deodorizer. Yes, now there's a way you can let loose and save yourself from the stern glances thrown by strangers! Flat-D Innovations designed a pad that can basically neutralize a fart and save you the embarrassment of public flatulence. 

Source: Flat-D

The flatulence charcoal pads are perfect for a person who has particularly...strong-smelling emissions. The pad comes with an adhesive strip behind it and can be stuck outside one's underwear. As you 'let loose', the gas passes through the pad, which has been outfitted with several layers active charcoal fabric that basically filters out any bad odor.

Source: Flat-D

According to the product's website, a person can use the product repeatedly and wash it as many times as they can. The pad can be attached outside one's underwear or can also be placed on the inside. It's so lightweight and thin, which makes it undetectable when a person puts it on.

Source: Flat-D

So, save yourself the trouble of eating unnecessary anti-gas pills and pass your gas, undetected! Thanks to the deodorizing pad, you can fart away without a care. You can get yourself a pack of disposable pads here, or get yourself a reusable one here.

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If you want to learn a little more about this toot-deleting tool, check out this excellently-made video explaining everything you need to know about the product:


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