Farmer 'Penalties' A Pair £50 After They Park Up To Have Sex And End Up Trapped In His Field.

Farmer 'Penalties' A Pair £50 After They Park Up To Have Sex And End Up Trapped In His Field.

A driver from Campbells Recovery was called to a field in Milton Keyne, Bucks, where a couple were fined £50 by the farmer for driving on his property during the night.

Recovery firm Campbells Recovery, which appeared on the scene to help get the car unstuck and send the lovers on their way, posted the cautionary tale on social media.

Sharing snaps of the couple's predicament online, Campbells Recovery wrote: "Probably one of the funniest call outs we have had in a while, customer calls and says he has a dilemma.


Credit: Deadline News


"He pulled into a field to s*** a bird last night and was woken this morning by an angry farmer who wanted him off his land.

"But, realised he was stuck, when I asked for a live location he said, 'you can't miss me. I'm the only Ford Focus growing in the field'.

"Expensive s*** as he had to pay the farmer £50 for kipping in his field so he wouldn't call the police and then the recovery fee.


Credit: Deadline News


"P.S just to clarify no wives/girlfriends were harmed by this post. The lad gives no f**** about us putting this up." Fair enough.

The car caught in the muddy field is seen in the following shots, while the recovery vehicle is at the edge of the field.

In one, a man can be seen searching around for a tow line in the boot of a blue Ford Focus.


Credit: Deadline News


The article has attracted plenty of interest, as you might expect.

One person wrote: "I might message him with some decent spots just so he can avoid this f***** next time."

A second added: "I'm a farmer. I wouldn't have charged him, I'd have just laughed."


Credit: Deadline News


When others implied his day could get worse if he's identified by the post, Campbells Recovery added: "Just to clarify the lad don't give a monkeys about us uploading this, so I doubt he has a missus."

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