Fans Think Katy Perry And Adele Look Exactly Alike In Perry’s Latest Instagram Post.

Fans Think Katy Perry And Adele Look Exactly Alike In Perry’s Latest Instagram Post.

In Katy Perry's latest Instagram post, which was mainly to promote her latest song 'Not The End Of The World', She looks so much like Adele mostly because of her honey curls and makeup are styled similarly to the “Hello” hitmaker, and even her outfit looks like it could be from Adele’s wardrobe.

In a recent post of Katy Perry on Instagram which was meant to promote Katy's new song "Not the end of the world" has got fans talking about something else. 




It looks like Katy Perry and Adele are Doppelgängerin? Fans think the same and many comments in the post were the same.




Moreover, Katy is hardly recognizable on her recent Instagram post because of her hair transformation.

For the release of her latest track “Not The End Of The World”, the new mother and the ever loved singer posted excerpts from the accompanying music video. 

In that Instagram post, the musician is in a glamorous glitter outfit – and with a beauty look that somehow reminds of the soulful singer Adele. 

As Katy has got her hair completely transformed with blond golden curls exactly like Adele and also her glittery dress looks a lot like something Adele would wear.




Hundreds of comparisons of the two pop icons can be read in the comments and most fans like it. “Adele… Is that you?” or “I thought it was Adele!” it says among other things.





However, in the past years we couldn't ever think of the pop singers to look alike as Adele had a completely different body and shape. And Katy Perry was completely the opposite of her. 




But now when Adele has been through a dramatic weight loss period, and with blond hair, the two look quite similar and could play sisters too. 

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Article and Image source: Diply , Instagram | @katyperry @adele

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