Viral Baby Carrier: The Next Genius Parenting Hack You Should Adopt.

Viral Baby Carrier: The Next Genius Parenting Hack You Should Adopt.

Sheena Turner, a supermom, and creative parenting expert came up with a genius mom hack to get her little girl to sleep. After posting pictures of her sleeping child in a carrier suspended by a couch cushion, the internet collectively applauded.

Kids can turn to be a bit tiring when it comes to moms holding them everywhere around with them doing chores and managing the house too. So moms here is a good news for moms or say a hack to hold your child in the child carrier and keep them asleep too and obviously away from you.




Mothers also need to relax for a bit and are exhausted with continuously carrying the kids around with them doing all the chores. So, a mother of an 8-month-old baby was going through the same situation and wanted to relax for a bit while her daughter was peacefully asleep in the carrier. 




She said in the post that she roamed around the house to look for things that could hold her kid and she will stay asleep she found a couch and fastened the carrier belt on the couch and luckily the hack worked for her!


Facebook | Sheena Turner


So this lady named Sheena Turner took to Facebook to share this hysterical hack with other moms too so they could benefit from this. 


Facebook | Sheena Turner


As some kids are used to being held and they are comfortable like that so moms should try this and this will definitely be a relief for them. 




Sheena Turner's daughter Kelani also loves being held in her carrier, and Turner is always worried that if she pulls her out, she might start to fuss and not sleep at all. Using this hack, Kelani slept for 2 to 3 hours while her mom could stay relaxed.


Facebook | Sheena Turner


So moms, find such a spot in your homes and fasten your kid over there while sleeping so they could sleep peacefully and you can work easily. 

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