Endangered Turtle hatchlings have the beach to themselves thanks to the quarantine.

Endangered Turtle hatchlings have the beach to themselves thanks to the quarantine.

Hawksbill sea turtle hatchlings had the complete beach to themselves as they made their way to the sea thanks to quarantine.

During the past month, things have drastically changed around the world, well, for humans. Animals are just going about their business as they do.




Media is constantly reporting wild animals being spotted in Urban areas since there are not many humans to shoo or scare them away.


The same is going on in Brazil. Brazilian beaches, especially the Paulista, which is found in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, is known as the home of attractive sea turtles.
These mainly consist of hawksbill sea turtle, green sea turtle, the olive ridley turtle, and the loggerhead. The most famous turtle specie is the hawksbill thanks to its attractive turtle shell.


However, that is the reason behind it being an endangered species as well. They are majorly hunted for their shells that are later on converted into clips, combs and other hair accessories.


The hawksbill turtle hatchlings come out of their nests and make their way to the sea every year between April and May. It is a beautiful sight to behold, and many people around the country gather to watch them.


This time around, as the eggs hatched earlier, no one except a few beach officials were there to watch them make their way to the sea.

According to Paulista's environmental secretary Roberto Couto, “This time, because of coronavirus, we couldn’t even tell people it was happening."
Around 97 hatchlings made their way to the sea. Maybe this quarantine will keep them safe from becoming jewelry and hair accessories.

Article Source: Diply

Image source: Hakai magazine, Hurriyet daily, Travel for Wildlife  

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