Eleven-Year Old Boy Charged After Robbing School Bus And Leading Cops On Chase.

Eleven-Year Old Boy Charged After Robbing School Bus And Leading Cops On Chase.

An 11-year-old boy was arrested in Louisiana, after he reportedly led officers on a high-speed chase after robbing a school bus and taking it on a wild thrill ride through Baton Rouge. The chase lasted for 13 miles through Baton Rouge before the bus slammed into a tree, but there were no injuries.

The bizarre felony happened in Scotlandville near Baton Rouge in the state of Louisiana, according to Fox News.

Police believe that there were no keys in the ignition on the bus in question and just wanted a push-to-start button, making it an easy target for the robber.

The boy then led at least 10 police officers on a chase for about 45 minutes, according to WBRZ News, all the while flipping off his pursuers with his middle finger, after swerving to clear spike strips, before smashing into a tree on Greenwell Springs Lane.





Shortly afterward, the boy was arrested and, reportedly, compliant and unharmed, despite his ordeal.

The arresting officers told WBRZ that while seated at the wheel, the boy (whose name was not made public) was too short to hit the breaks, accelerator, or clutch, and was thus forced to stand up for the whole chase while driving the stolen vehicle.




The unidentified boy has since been booked into a parish juvenile detention facility, according to WBRZ, where he has been arrested on multiple counts, including motor vehicle burglary and aggravated assault.

A surprised witness named Joy Gradney, who later posted the video on her personal Facebook account, showing cops chasing the child, captured the footage near the scene.

It was eventually determined by police officers that the bus was not stolen from the adjacent Success Head Start nursery campus, according to a new study by The Advocate.




Instead, the young felon purloined the bus from an Elmer Avenue house, where the owner of the bus (now deceased) had once subcontracted the vehicle to local schools in East Baton Rouge.

Per the Advocate, police spokesman Sargeant L'Jean McKneely Jr. said officers were in contact with the parents of the boy. It is unclear, though, whether the boy is ever imprisoned.

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