Elderly Woman Was Burning Furniture To Stay Warm, Kind Officers Delivered Firewood To Her Doorstep.

Elderly Woman Was Burning Furniture To Stay Warm, Kind Officers Delivered Firewood To Her Doorstep.

An elderly woman whose husband happened to be in an accident and this led the police officers to check on her and they rescued her out of burning her home furniture as the fierce snow season made her awfully cold and she needed some heat.

An amazing act of kindness was witnessed in the fierce snow season in Canada when a woman was alone and freezing cold and had nothing to keep herself warm so she started burning her furniture to keep herself warm.  But the officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police rescued this old woman and helped her in this critical situation. 




According to police, an officer had gone to a woman's home in Midway, B.C., to check on her about how she is doing after he was called out to assist in a medical incident in which her husband was taken by ambulance to the hospital. This led them to come up to look at this elderly woman and they immediately stopped her from destroying her furniture. 

The officer interrupted this elderly woman as she was in the process of breaking up household furniture to burn, in the home’s wood burning stove, for heat.In response to this, the officer called the troops, who travelled into the back country to chop some firewood, which they sorted out, split, and delivered for the local elder woman.




As it is obvious, in this COVID-19 situation, many people are isolated and many emergency situations can occur so to prevent any losses we should keep a good check on our neighbours, loved ones and even people around us. 




This kind action of the royal police is supported so much as they went above and far away from their call of duty and did so much for this elderly woman. 
"We hope this small act of kindness encourages other British Columbians to step up, reach out to those around them and help out where they can," O'Donaghey the spokesperson for British Columbia's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (B.C. RCMP),  said.



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Article source: Diply

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