Eight Grader, Colby Saves Life Of His Friend Who Was Choking On A Piece Of Meat Ball!.

Eight Grader, Colby Saves Life Of His Friend Who Was Choking On A Piece Of Meat Ball!.

Colby Cook, a student of Indian Hills Middle School saved the life his friend Kyle by performing Heimlich Maneuver stirring interest among others students to learn this technique.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!
This proverb was materialized when a boy helped save life of his friend’s life when he was choking on his lunch!
The students of Indian Hills Middle school, Clive were spending a usual day at school. At the break bell, pupils raced to the lunch line waiting for their turn.
In the same school, two friends, Colby Cook and Kyle Randolph were enjoying their food. Suddenly, a piece of meatball stuck in his throat. Kyle has no idea what just happened to him. He couldn’t breath and was panicked. Kyle immediately stood up holding his throat and gasping for air. The students in the lunch room was dazzled. No one had any idea what to do.




Colby, who was sitting beside Kyle immediately jumped to action. He grabbed Kyle from behind and started giving him jerk. Colby was actually trying to perform Heimlich Maneuver for the first time ever and luckily it worked! The piece of meatball sprung out of Kyle’s throat and he was able to breathe again!

Colby saved his friend’s life, but according to him he wasn’t sure about it. He had never performed this trick in his life but had seen enough TV to remember how it was done. He took a chance that saved his friend’s life, making him a hero!


Colby Cook


Colby said, ‘I didn’t really know what to do, but I had seen it on the TV many times, so I thought why not as well give it a try!” Kyle was fortunate that in only one pump he got rid of the stuck meat piece!

All the students who saw how heroically Colby saved Kyle’s life, started congratulating him.
There was still some skeptics. Colby told that when he told others about saving his friend’s life they simply shrugged him off, not believing a word he said!


Colby and Kyle


Even his parents didn’t believe him as this was really a very valiant act, not usual for an Eighth grader.
The next day Kyle surprised Colby by coming to his house bearing gift and a thank you card for saving his life.

Seeing Kyle, Colby’s parents finally believed Colby. They were very proud of their son and Colby too finally made the point that TV is not always a bad influence!
Shane Christensen, the principal of Indian Hills School was also very proud of Colby Cook. Shane said, “We’re all very proud of him. Definitely, it should a lesson that all kids should know how to do!”


Shane Christensen - The Principal


Christensen also said it's a lesson that all children should learn. He said the event has stirred interest in learning the Heimlich maneuver among other students in the school.
For these two friends, a few scary seconds turned into a lesson for all.

The life-saving incident became the talk of the town quickly and American Red Cross also commented, “It is a good idea for everyone to know the proper way to perform the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR.”

Article source: Patch 

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