Dutch Restaurant is testing out Glass booths to help people enjoy dinners while social distancing.

Dutch Restaurant is testing out Glass booths to help people enjoy dinners while social distancing.

This Dutch restaurant has introduced glass booths so that diners can eat contently while maintaining social distancing.

As the world grapples with the global pandemic, news of social distancing stretching as far as 2022 is sending shivers down our spines.
Where I do feel grateful for being healthy and alive in these testing times, I certainly do miss going out for dinners and partying with my friends. To help people cope with quarantine Mediamatic ETEN, a restaurant in Amsterdam has introduced the so-called "quarantine greenhouses" on a trial basis. If proven successful, these glass pods may become a way for restaurants to operate as the pandemic progresses.



The glass pods can accomodate two to four people at a time and are built near a local man-made lake to provide a scenic view. Of course! the view is much prettier ar night with all the beautiful lights reflecting from the water. 



Ever since the COVID-19 has created a rift in our lives, restaurants have had to resort to takeout and delivery options in order to feed their hungry customers.
Moreover, the restaurant is taking precautions with their chefs and waiters too.



Here's a video showing how the pods operate. 




Although many countries have loosened their social distancing restrictions, as exciting as this prospect of normalcy is, we must realize that things won't just simply go back to the way they once were in a pre-coronavirus world. As much as eating at a fancy restaurant and going on a date with your partner sounds nice, its best to stay home. Not only for yourself but for the people you live with.

The new coming time is all about maintaining social distancing in public places. With businesses like restaurants and shops reopening the task of maintaining social distancing between customers is most important here because these are the places where human contact chances are the most. For example, one Vietnamese restaurant in Thailand has put plush panda toys to ensure distance between their customers. 

Following the same notion, the owner of “Café Rothe Schwerin”, Jacqueline Rothe, came up with a unique idea and went the extra mile to ensure the safety of her customers. The restaurant actually made people wear pool noodles hats to keep them apart at safe distance.

Together we will come out of this pandemic. Stay home, stay safe.

Article Source: Diply

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