Dutch Artist Draws People's Pets As Characters Straight Out Of Disney Movies.

Dutch Artist Draws People's Pets As Characters Straight Out Of Disney Movies.

Isa Bredt is a big fan of Disney movies who loves to make Disney pet portraits in the iconic style of the House of Mouse.

Isa Bredt is a Dutch artist who draws people's pets as cute Disney characters. Her drawings look like characters straight outta Disney movies. When she gets the order, the first thing she does is examine the pet's picture. She tries to find things that make that pet special, whether it is a smile or a pose. Then she draws them on Photoshop.

1. Dutch artist, Isa Bredt, turns people's pets into Disney characters in the iconic style of the House of Mouse

Isa Bredt (@pet_disneyfication) is an illustrator who is a big fan of Disney movies and has the talent to turn people's pets into cute Disney characters.


Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication


2. All you need to do is give her your pet's picture. She can even turn you into a Disney character but you have to be in the photo with your pet


Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication


3. When she receives an order, first she examines the features of the pets carefully. Then she recreates them using Photoshop


Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication


4. She first started drawing people's pets when she was only 16

In an interview with Tyla, she explained: "I look at a pictures [of the pet] first, to see how the body, tail, face, and markings look, so I have an idea what an animal looks like from most angles.
"I try to find things that make a pet special, like a certain expression or pose, or if they've got really big eyes or a small nose. That sort of thing. I draw in Photoshop on a Wacom 22hd [tablet]."


Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication


5. Her favorite Disney movies are The Lion King, The Aristocats, and Lady and the Tramp

She continued: "I did this a few times a year, and started getting a bit better over time - the first attempts were... not great!"
She added: "It grew pretty quickly and now it's actually my full-time job!"


Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication


6. You can check out her Instagram page if you want your pet to turn into a Disney character

She said: "I watched those movies so many times when I was younger, and I still watch and love them."


845Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication


There is no denying that the magic of Disney extends much further than our favorite childhood movies and enchanting theme parks. The famous characters have played a big part in our childhood, taught us many important life lessons for which we will be forever grateful and, of course, made us believe that fairytales and happy endings exist. Who does not miss Disney movies and those magical creatures from our favorite childhood animations? An artist has brought life to these characters through her make-up and people can not stop appreciating her art skills.


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