Drew Barrymore, in a recent statement, announced that she is quitting movies for good.

Drew Barrymore, in a recent statement, announced that she is quitting movies for good.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen the famous movie actress Drew Barrymore announced that she will not work in movies from now on.

Drew Barrymore has starred in most of my favorite movies. Growing up she has been my favorite actress and there is nothing nostalgic than seeing your favorite artists retire. This is what I am going through right now.




In an interview on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show, the 46-year-old actress revealed that she is done with her filmmaking career. She said,

“If I'm being honest, I don't want to be on a film set right now. But that could change when my kids are older. I stopped doing these when my kids were born because I've done it since I was in diapers at 11-months-old when I started. "




She further added,

"And it was a no-brainer to me to put making movies on a back burner so that I could be present and raise my kids myself. I didn't want to be on a film set asking the nanny how the kids were. I was like, 'that is not my journey'.And so when you step away from it, it's a lot less scary.”




Barrymore started working in films when she was just five years old in 1980 in Altered States, and she went on to star in a number of iconic movies. During her appearance on Andy Cohen's radio show, Barrymore also credited her role in the Netflix series the Santa Clarita Diet for "saving" her.




She said,

“I got to do at the perfect time, this like Netflix show called Santa Clarita Diet. I was so knee-deep into mothering my kids. I was like, 'I don't know who I am anymore.' I think I went way too far in the opposite direction. If I can't remember that I'm an individual with a skill set, I might die. So, then I got to play this woman who gets to eat people and it was exactly how I felt. And it was just perfect and it was a comedy and it was delicious and it was fun and it was irreverent and I couldn't have loved it more. And it really saved me. That show was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me.”




Thankfully, Barrymore won't be completely gone from our screens. She is still hosting her own talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

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